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(updated 1/3/2016)

I have been reading and listening to the rhetoric of people regarding illegal immigration for a very long time.  I cannot even understand how people could think amnesty is a good thing.  Amnesty makes no sense.  Ronald Reagan in the 80s tried to get stronger protections and border security and did so by capitulating and signing the amnesty act in 1986 that included all that.  Sadly, later the protection part of that act never came to be.  In an article on NPR.ORG, a staff writer writes, “As the nation’s attention turns back to the fractured debate over immigration, it might be helpful to remember that in 1986, Ronald Reagan signed a sweeping immigration reform bill into law. It was sold as a crackdown: There would be tighter security at the Mexican border, and employers would face strict penalties for hiring undocumented workers.  But the bill also made any immigrant who’d entered the country before 1982 eligible for amnesty — a word not usually associated with the father of modern conservatism” ( Staff, 2010).

Anyway, I have a plan that will reduce illegal immigration by nearly 90%.

Here is my plan (applies to ALL immigrants seeking citizenship):

  1. Repeal the Hart-Celler Act AND the Dream Act NOW.  Any and ALL in process immigration’s due to this act would be rescinded and voided.
  2. Create a stronger border and border control.  This means building a fence as far as one can feasibly go and building one that has STRONG controls (e.g. physical and engineering) for both the southern and northern borders.  Increase funding to the Border Patrol.
  3. Create / Enforce a true guest worker program.  Allow illegal immigrants already in the US to get a guest worker visa but they must  stand in line with other immigrants and register. Until they are approved for the guest worker visa they can work for the state they live in cleaning trash off the streets, cleaning graffiti off, etc.  For those illegal immigrants that are not here to work / donate taxes then deport them.  They MUST provide proof of work periodically.  In other words if you are illegal and do not contribute in some way then get deported.  We could have a way that these guest workers must check in periodically over the internet (weekly), with there employer (monthly) AND in person with ICE (annually).  All guest workers must carry a guest worker card that can be asked for when you hire them.
  4. Deport ALL illegal immigrants with criminal records especially the ones in our prisons.  We should create a system where as ANY illegal that has not contributed to this country in any way they (even if they have never broken a law) should be deported ALONG WITH their family!!!  One can “contribute” by paying taxes or serving in the military… there may be other ways but I cannot think right now I am too peeved.
  5. Give no services to illegal aliens (except emergency services) and make anchor babies illegal (Repeal Hart-Celler Act).  I am ok with some services for guest workers like school for their children but no social services (e.g. welfare, food stamps, etc) until after the guest worker has contributed for more than some time frame (e.g. 6 months or a year).  Guest workers cannot apply for citizenship for that same period NOR can they sponsor anyone for that same period.  Guest Workers MUST stand in line with all other immigration applicants.
  6. Strengthen / Enforce the laws on local businesses that hire illegals.  Huge fines and penalties should be in order if you hire anyone that is not a legal resident OR a guest worker.  Create an anonymous ‘whistle blower’ hotline to report when you know some company has illegal aliens.
  7. Petition the Mexican government AND find a way within our own government to create embargos and sanctions to stop the Mexican government from the wholesale propagation of the fact that southern California and southern Texas belongs to Mexico.  Strong actions need to be done here.  Also petition the Mexican Government (again with sanctions and embargos) to STOP the Mexican military from regularly crossing our border.
  8. Create a law that prohibits immigration from any country that is connected to terror. This law should cover the increased scrutiny / vetting of anyone that seeks refuge status from these countries.
  9. If you are not a citizen and you commit a felony you are instantly deported and never allowed to return.
  10. Change immigration law to not allow immigration, asylum or refuge status to anyone even from a friendly (non terror connected) nation if that person / people ‘originate’ from a nation that is terror connected. I am talking about addressing those that seek status from a country not connected to terror but that country has weak vetting and the person gets US status by virtue of leap frogging from a friendly nation to the US.
  11. Create a federal law that strengthens the domestic terrorism laws. Make it illegal to visit countries on the terror connection list. If you are a non-citizen and you visit those countries you will NOT be allowed to return and your status revoked. If you are a citizen, you broke the law so you will have to go to court, if found guilty you could spend prison time.

Certainly there are positive reasons for immigration, but there are negative ones too.   Consider this…I am not sure why people think illegal immigration is not problematic.  The facts show that it is not just harmless families wanting a better life that cross that border… it is terrorists too.  There is NO DOUBT that immigrants will be helpful…  between doing jobs Americans wont do or simply transitioning from Guest Worker to naturalized citizen they will definitely help the US Economy.  The negative side is that illegals here are putting a huge undue burden on the health care system, the justice system, the welfare system and as I said before, allowing terrorists to infiltrate.

Some people would tell you that they can only be helpful; however, the terrorists are coming over as well as illegal workers.. this cannot be helpful.

Go out and look for yourself: (this is information from the former Secretary of Homeland Security – Janet Napolitano and a Democrat)

How can you ignore this?  How can you in good conscience turn a blind eye to it?  Please go review the Immigration and Citizenship Enforcements report on this and pay attention to the “FY 2013 Top 10 Countries of Removal by Citizenship” table:

MEXICO 241,493
BRAZIL 1,500

Look at the 2014 numbers: It looks as if deportations have gone DOWN where illegal immigration has sky rocketed “FY 2014 Top 10 Countries of Removal by Citizenship“. Page 9 shows that we deported 307k (as compared 357k in 2013); HOWEVER, the graph on page 2 shows we spiked from about 12,000 in Jan 2014 to nearly 40k in the summer months. This is ALL DUE to the current administrations policies. Our president is breaking the law and not doing his job.

You should also review this:  It might also surprise you to know many terrorists hide their nationality through a series of false papers.

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  1. Conservative says:

    OK so now that the current administration has made the mistake of advertising that child immigrants will NOT be deported… this has had the affect of causing other nations south of us to send their children our direction in great numbers…. are you kidding me the POTUS is clearly at fault for this.