Arrest Hillary Clinton

OK that title is pretty bold but it is what a lot of people are thinking.

I recently started listening to the reports of when and what was known by whom related to the Benghazi massacre.  What is interesting is that this story is even in the main stream media (even if it is minimized next to bridge-gate) which is unusual.  I read the USA Today article here as well as the Fox News reports while watching O’Reilly Factor and The Kelly Files and decided I had to blog about this.

HOW can the many people involved in this lie through their teeth knowing dedicated Americans died as a direct result of their negligence, especially Hillary Clinton’s inactions.

I for one feel that Hillary Clinton (and others) should be arrested for the charges of Treason and Murder.  Think of it…

OK even though the main stream media is covering this…. it is not covering it ‘similar in weight’ to the bush lies over WMDs.  Look at all the media coverage that Chris Christie’s bridge-gate is getting and all that happen was a huge traffic jam (of which it seems most Americans care more about then the death of hero’s) and now look at the absence of media coverage (for the most part) that the Benghazi slaughter got and this included the death of Americans.  I did a Google search with the terms “bush lied wmd” and on the first page of the results I had articles from CNN,  LA Times and the Washington Post and yet when I searched on “hillary lied benghazi” there were no main stream news outlet links.  Most were from conservative leaning outlets.  What does that tell you?  The main stream media is so biased it is not funny.

In this case “finally” the Senate Intelligence committee took this on.  Sadly the Senate intelligence committee has no jurisdiction over the State Department.  They pressed over and over to get interviews with Hillary Clinton and staff but it never happened.  The people involved are simply ignoring it hoping it will go away.  The Senate Intelligence committee was able to find what happen through the many other interviews they held and they determined that the State Department was at fault.

So another question is WHY didn’t President Obama take action?  You know why he didn’t?  Because he was complicit in the cover up because he did not want to lose an election.  One could argue he should be arrested for conspiracy to commit murder and treason.  According to the report the state department was ‘repeatedly’ asked to provide security for the Embassy and all requests were ignored and / or refused.  I hear Hillary did not know but really?  Are you serious?  Are you saying someone in the staff made this important decision?  If so, even in hindsight why didn’t Hillary fire anyone?

You should read this article “Senate report: Benghazi attacks preventable :: Does Hillary still wonder what difference it makes?

This story smells of cow dung.  I cannot even swallow all the lies here because there are too many.  The trail of lies is so deep I cannot even fathom them.

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