Lower case on purpose…

I have to tell you a story or maybe just some ramblings.  This is just my rambling about how I got to a place and why I allowed myself to disrespect President Bill Clinton.

I have been politically active for a very long time.  I started when Nixon lied to us and got impeached then resigned.  After Nixon I was lost and annoyed that we never had a decent president after that.  One day I found out the Ronald Reagan was running.  I was not fond of someone from Hollywood as president but I did some research on Ronald Reagan and found out that he used to be a liberal.  I found it very interesting that he converted from liberal to conservative especially since he was a Hollywood liberal.

During that time I wrote several letters to elected officials expressing my opinions and thoughts.  I did not understand how to be tactful… maybe it was an absence of maturity or maybe it was pure frustration.. I do not know.

When Clinton was elected I had just come off what I call a ‘COOL Conservative’ reign of George Bush senior and because Bush followed Reagan (my FAVORITE president of all time) it was like a sad cooling down period for me politically.  Once Clinton was inaugurated I was fired up again.  I started writing letters to official’s again and even started trying to submit material for the Navy Times (they never accepted my politically slanted articles… I wonder why… ?).  At this point I was even more flippant then I had ever been before.  I wrote MANY emails and letters to the White House to President Clinton with ‘flippant’ tones.

In June or July of 1993 while I was stationed at NAS Alameda in a unit that had all senior enlisted our units commander came out and asked for volunteers to attend the president’s speech and NO ONE VOLUNTEERED.  At some point later the commander came back and stated that I need 4 people to go and if no one volunteers, I will volunteer you.  This really took me aback.  I did not like the president at all.  Luckily I was not volunteered.  Anyway, later their was a point where President Clinton’s motorcade was driving around and I was told that a bunch of sailors turned there back on the motorcade instead of saluting it.  I am not sure if this part is true and it seems weak to me because that is a violation of the UCMJ.  I only tell you all this because at this time I ‘saluted those who snubbed him’ because of my total disrespect for the man (I respected the office and I would have saluted) and could not help thinking I wish I had the guts to snub him.

SO now getting back to my many letters to President Clinton… in every letter (online forms, emails, letters, etc)  to any political official I ALWAYS referred to President Clinton this way: ‘President clinton (lower case on purpose)‘ or ‘bill clinton (lower case on purpose)‘ because of my total disrespect for the man.  After he made his famous speech where he said “…I did not have sex with that woman…” I completely lost it and never respected that man ever again!!!

The Conservative

"The American dream is not that every man must be level with every other man. The American dream is that every man must be free to become whatever God intends he should become." Ronald Reagan

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