Losing gun rights over HIPPA laws

OK well I have to say I really do not understand why others cannot see this point.

If the medical community can contact law enforcement somehow and your guns get taken away then what do you think this is going to do with the voluntary psychiatric community?

I think most people who have guns and have some form of mental defect (e.g. depression, etc) will no longer make the choice to seek help.  Do you see the problem here?

Mentally defective people who own guns will no longer seek help.

That is the affect this set of laws will have on society.

I recently read an article at “ammoland.com” about this and I really believe that this article does not do justice because it does not seem to address the fact that mentally ill people will keep their guns because they will refuse help.  One of the negative impacts of the recently passed ‘omnibus’ appropriations bill is (below are a couple of excerpts from the CONs section of the article):

CONTINUATION OF ANTI-GUN BOILERPLATE. The bill continues anti-gun boilerplate such as the Senator Schumer amendment defunding the McClure-Volkmer disabilities relief program. This means that thousands upon thousands of Americans who are disqualified from owning firearms because of non-violent federal felonies have no way to get their gun rights back.

REFUSAL TO STICK IN SOME PROVISIONS WE WERE FIGHTING FOR. We would have liked to see language defunding HHS’s new regulations that repeal the HIPAA privacy laws that protect gun owners. This Executive Action means that tens of millions of Americans could lose their gun rights without a court order.We also would have liked to see a provision defunding the ATF’s efforts to register multiple handgun purchases in the Southwest.The HIPAA issue is fairly new, and we will continue to fight for these on the regular appropriations bills when they begin to move in May.

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Think about all those people reading all this stuff in the news.  These people are now no longer going to seek help because they might lose their guns.  So now not only will they not get help but they possibly be some of the people sick enough to pull off a public shooting.  SO now we will have gun shootings still (this bill does nothing to stop this) and we will also have legitimate people who really would like to get better, wont.

How does this solve anything?

Like I said in my previous blog, this does nothing to solve this because the violent people will still be violent, the violent people will simply get other weapons, the criminals will still get the guns, and the mentally sick people will not get help.  I would love it if politicians could explain this.  I cannot see how this is any type of solution.

"The American dream is not that every man must be level with every other man. The American dream is that every man must be free to become whatever God intends he should become." Ronald Reagan

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