Freedom and Human Rights are only a step away from Vanishing

I have not written an article here in a while.  I cannot write too many as I need to concentrate on family but this situation really made me want to write.  i am currently open for other writers that want to contribute, so if you are interested… please contact me.

I am writing in response to an article written by Kyle Becker at IJReview dated March 27th, 2014.

I wanted to basically comment on how the author makes some connections to what is going on here in the United States.

Read the following opening paragraph:

When the government doesn’t care what you have to say anymore, when it’s through looting your country for everything that people have got, when your fellow human beings are in the throes of desperation, and when the friends and families in the community you’ve grown up with are rioting in the strees – that’s when you get haunting photos like this one.

NOW lets consider the text above… Kyle is talking about Ukraine but there is so many parallels to the United States in this article we cannot ignore the message.  I know Kyle is purposely writing like this because he wants us to see the parallels.

When the government doesn’t care what you have to say anymore…

We know that the United States Government no longer cares about our opinions.  They simply do what they think is right regardless of our thoughts and passions.  They do all this claiming to be doing what is socially right for everyone.  It only harms us.  Let’s consider the example of the Conservative voice being stifled by the IRS.  This is a fact, it did happen.  This is one example of how the US Government does not care about our thoughts because we do not agree with OR are not in line with their pattern.  We are not goosestepping to the same beat, in fact where we want to march, they want us to goosestep.  There are many articles all over the (now free .. hmmmm) internet that speak to this travesty of ‘social justice’ but again like all other stories like this most main stream media outlets are not touching it.

In an article in the USA Today titled “IRS proposal on non-profit political activity criticized” by Deirdre Sheesgreen she attempted to be unbiased.  This is surprising by what some people refer to this paper as “isn’t a newpaper anyone important takes very seriously” (  There are simply not too many media outlets touching this story.

OK if you do not want to believe that we are being stifled, then what about the news reporter that was recently ‘detained’ because of the harsh questions he asked? In an article on by Michael Bastasch titled “Reporter detained by Capitol Hill police for trying to ask EPA chief a question” he explains how a reporter at a news conference was ‘detained’ because of his strong questions.  NOW we do not know what the questions are at this point but in any case the reason for detention seemed ‘unwarranted’.

A reporter has been detained by Capitol Hill police for trying to ask a question of Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy.

Bloomberg BNA energy reporter Ari Natter tweeted about being detained.

Natter was detained while covering the American Council On Renewable Energy conference, where McCarthy spoke. Also speaking at the conference was Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a staunch supporter of green energy who regularly takes the Senate floor to sound the alarm on global warming.

All I want you to take away from this is that there is strong evidence that the IRS (and other agencies of the US Government and in some cases on behest of the US Government) are stifling public conversation about controversial topics that go against the current administration.

Now let’s take the second point from above.

…when it’s through looting your country for everything that people have got…

 If you think the governments ‘social engineering’ by taking from the ‘rich’ and giving to the poor is good then I think you should consider these facts.  In an article on title “The 50 Richest Members of Congress (2011)” they list out the top richest members of Congress.  One can only wonder if these people are in it for the money and do no care about the people they are supposed to represent.  Recall when the country was first founded those people served as representatives voluntarily and did it for a term and returned to their normal jobs afterwards.  It was not a career like it is today.  Later I will write an article on how I think this can be solved.

What I mean here is that ‘some of’ these people (these hypocrites) represented in this article are wealthy two faced people that pay $35,000 for a benefit dinner and still have the gall to talk about wealth redistribution.  It is a known fact that since the New Deal (another ‘failed’ social engineering policy) the percentage of poor people in this country has risen DRAMATICALLY.  Just look at the evidence and it shows that this type of social engineering (wealth redistribution) does not work.  In an commentary by Jim Powell from that CATO Institute titled “How FDR’s New Deal Harmed Millions of Poor People” he lays out how this so called ‘New Deal’ is really a ‘New Failure’.

So the thing you want to think about is that the way the liberals (Statists) are approaching solving this problem is just not working and has not worked for over 70 years.  What has to happen for them to realize siphoning money from the working class and funneling it to poor people (in some cases lazy good for nothing people) is just not working.  I have to say I agree with Jim Powells closing sentence:

FDR might not have intended to harm millions of poor people, but that’s what happened. We should evaluate government policies according to their actual consequences, not their good intentions.

So let’s consider the fact that at some point the people of this nation will just be fed up with the explosion in liberal social engineering.  The people who are simply lazy will probably never agree… they like getting freebees from hard working Americans like you or I.  This is one good reason why the liberals need to push through Amnesty… this is so they can have another huge group of ‘liberal government tit sucking voters’.  I can say that because most of these leeches will never read this article because they do not want to know the truth, they simply want to keep getting their free meals.

It is only a matter of time before the rest of Kyles first paragraph come true in America.

…when your fellow human beings are in the throes of desperation, and when the friends and families in the community you’ve grown up with are rioting in the stree[t]s…

There are already people ‘right on the edge’ of this.  Let us recall what the American Civil War was about… it was not about slavery as much as it was about States Rights and Freedoms.  So whats next…. ??

Now if you are a welfare recipient then you should think about the money the government is giving you and SHOULD consider where that money comes from because the old saying “Nothing is ever free” is absolutely TRUE.  Your freebees come from the taxes of hard working Americans… again Nothing is free.

Consider the states with the highest welfare and taxes:

Test Case (Michigan; Democrat ran):

Property Taxes: 1.62%

State Income Taxes: flat 4.35% of federal AGI with modifications

Welfare Benefits (at max benefits): $28,872 or ~$13.88 an hour.

I said my peace… please consider all I have said before you take from any government (Federal, State, City, County or Local).

"The American dream is not that every man must be level with every other man. The American dream is that every man must be free to become whatever God intends he should become." Ronald Reagan

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