Gang of Eight

This is not a Styx song and it is not a reference to silver Spanish coins.  The Gang of Eight bill is a bill for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (CIR) or better known by realists as the “Amnesty Bill”.

I for one am not a fan of Amnesty.  I loved Ronald Reagan but did not like that he caved on Amnesty for illegal immigrants.  The biggest reason that Immigration Amnesty does not work is because it is rewarding the illegals.

My wife is a legal alien.  We went through mountains of paperwork, forms and interviews to get her over here from the Philippines.  We paid many fees and most were very large.  In fact she just recently renewed her ‘green card’ and it cost almost $500.  These illegal aliens will not have money to pay so what fees will be extracted?  I am betting none.  Anyway, my point is that because we share a border with an impoverished nations does not give their citizens the right to cross the border and get free stuff… but that’s what is happening right now.  Even without his CIR, there are millions of people crossing all the time just to get the free food, medicine, money, jobs and citizenship.

The food is not free… it is paid for by the tax paying real Americans (which include legal immigrants that did the right thing to get citizenship).  The medicine and money is not free either.  It also is paid by joe taxpayer.  The jobs will be handed to them also if the CIR gets voted in.  In the CIR there is a ‘loophole’ tied to Obamacare that basically says if you hire an American or Legal Immigrant you will get fined because you need to provide healthcare; however, the 11.5 million immigrants that stand a chance at getting amnesty… they will not cost that company one darn penny.  That’s right the Obamacare fine does not apply to them.  Read the bill.

As you know I have been promoting my own solution for a very long time (you can read it here).  It is time the law makers get a clue and realize that promoting amnesty is not the answer.  Recently I was an episode of The Kelly Files and saw an interview of Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch.  They have an article that captures the essence on Fox News Insider called “‘Kelly File’ Exclusive: Texas Border Patrol on Brink of Collapse” and here is one quote:

Lynch said his information, which comes from “the guys who are down there” on the border, indicates that the Border Patrol there is nearing the point of collapse.

Really?  On the brink of collapse?  Do you all know what that means?  Our Border Patrol will no longer be able to hold the line.  What is a country without borders?

I feel (and many others do to) that this is a DIRECT RESULT of the POTUS and the Federal Governments words to give amnesty to illegals.  They are now coming in droves to get free food, medicine and citizenship.

Now to add insult to injury the federal government has been for a long time bussing the illegals to different parts of the country to ‘get rid of them’ because they cannot OR will not deport them.  According to Barnini Chakraborty (a fox news contributor) in an article on called “State, local officials blast ICE for dumping overflow of illegal immigrants — including kids — at bus stations in their cities” says,

Scores of illegal immigrants, caught by authorities in Texas trying to sneak into the country via the Rio Grande Valley, are being flown, bused and then abandoned out of state in places like Arizona, New York and Maryland.

Scores?  Wait if this has been happening for a long time now and no one has ever said anything then I think they owe the American people an explanation.  This all seems like a bad nightmare to me.  How can anyone even consider that giving amnesty to people that illegally crossed is a good idea… it is NOT.

In a story at by “Backgrounder #2819” called “The Senate’s Comprehensive Immigration Bill: Top 10 Concerns” this person outlines the top ten concerns about this CIR bill.  They go in depth and talk about all the problems with the number one being:

Amnesty comes in many forms, but in all of its variations it discourages respect for the law, treats law-breaking aliens better than law-following aliens, and encourages future unlawful immigration into the United States. The U.S. saw these facts ring true back in the 1980s when the United States last granted a mass amnesty.

NOW we have seen time and time again where the federal government and even the POTUS where they will make the law fit their needs or even out right ignore the law and do whatever they think is right.  Is anyone ever held accountable?  No.

My whole reason for writing this blog is because I want to increase awareness.  It is completely ludicrous to me that anyone can even think that giving amnesty is the ‘right thing to do’.  It is a violation of our law and it is happening at the highest office.

"The American dream is not that every man must be level with every other man. The American dream is that every man must be free to become whatever God intends he should become." Ronald Reagan

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