Open Letter to Donald Trump (my solutions for the USA)

I have been listening to all the bantering and bickering that is ‘normally’ associated with any presidential election. It has made me wonder how Donald Trump is so far ahead of the pack. I know why and I think it is not a mystery (many people know why); however, I want to state for the record that I am nearly in 100% agreement with the Trumps ideas. I think sometimes because he is a passionate man, he allows his passion to speak his words and they (at times) come out raw and unfiltered. At the heart of his ideas are solid core ideas that will work.

Before you read this please consider reading my other articles on solving these woes because they are all connected.
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Also, ever hear of the broken window theory? How is crime caused? Is it heredity? I believe we have a bunch of broken windows in this country allowing evil to take hold and we need to root it out at the very core.

First and foremost I am NOT an isolationist. I believe in the fact that we need immigration. I also believe we need to live in the world stage. I just think we are OVERLY generous and even so much that we give money to terror groups either directly or indirectly.

NOW consider this plan:

  1. Stop all foreign aid to any country that has connections to terrorism and never re-instate it UNLESS they stop being terror connected. This does not mean we cannot assist that country in rooting out terror connections if they want us to help.
  2. Stop all immigration, asylum and refuge intake from all sides (including the Canadian border and the Cubans in Florida who largely get ignored when we speak of illegal immigration). Stop this and phase it back in as we get our vetting process back in order. Start with phasing in immigration for people getting married BUT NEVER ALLOW immigration from countries that are connected to terror. Immigration, refuge or asylum can never be granted with out a positive ID and a way to vet the persons validity. Assume all immigration fixes are in place from article above!
  3. Take all the money we saved (not giving away foreign aid) and build a northern and southern wall.
  4. Build a robust immigration system (see my article above related to fixing immigration) so that we can allow good people seeking US citizenship OR work here to be allowed to come in.
  5. Cut all financial aid to anything not invested in “fixing the country” (see this article titled “Here’s a List of Stupid Things the Government Spends Money On” for more info) for about 3-5 years (or more for many other programs). Use that money plus all the additional financial aid money and pay off the Chinese and pay off the national debt.
  6. Better fund law enforcement across the board.
  7. Pass Kate’s Law at the federal level.
  8. Refund and build up the military to levels that an independent panel of military leaders find necessary for this time.

"The American dream is not that every man must be level with every other man. The American dream is that every man must be free to become whatever God intends he should become." Ronald Reagan

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