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Open Letter to Donald Trump (my solutions for the USA)

I have been listening to all the bantering and bickering that is ‘normally’ associated with any presidential election. It has made me wonder how Donald Trump is so far ahead of the pack. I know why and I think it

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Legalize all drugs…. argh…

I for one have NEVER been a proponent of legalizing all drugs. I cannot understand how legalizing METH is a good thing. That means we will have yet another poisonous substance that is legally made and sold to the public

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Abolish the IRS

When you look at the many times the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been used for political gain it is astounding.  What amazes me more is that people get away with it for sometime before anyone does anything about it.

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10 steps to solve America’s problems

I personally think there are many ways this country COULD get back on track if it really wanted to.  The problem from MOST citizens is apathy.  Look at how many people vote.  The tendency is to vote with passion and

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Freedom and Human Rights are only a step away from Vanishing

I have not written an article here in a while.  I cannot write too many as I need to concentrate on family but this situation really made me want to write.  i am currently open for other writers that want

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Iceland’s Bankruptcy Aftermath

The below article is quoted word for word from an article on Delusional-Government from Thursday, October 25, 2012. Various pieces of Occupy Wall Street propaganda have been calling on other countries to follow in Iceland’s footsteps.  Now, the choice must be

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Job Loss as a Dream Maker…. argh

OK I saw a post on facebook that I had to comment on….. OK well I get that there is a need to follow your dreams… and I also get that some people ‘choose’ to be jobless… but how is

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4 Top Financial Officials Dead In 6 Days

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US Workforce Suffering Massive Unemployment

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Foreign Aid Comparitive Ratio

I have been thinking about the fact that we should cut off foreign aid to any country and has a bad human rights record (for example).  After some thought I realized cutting them off is NOT the right answer.  We

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