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Legalize all drugs…. argh…

I for one have NEVER been a proponent of legalizing all drugs. I cannot understand how legalizing METH is a good thing. That means we will have yet another poisonous substance that is legally made and sold to the public

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Ron Johnson statement about his lawsuit

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Has Senator Murray caved?

I wrote a letter to both of my Senators both are liberals from the word go.  I really hate that I live in this state because of its politics.  Most of the people here are liberals and it drives me

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Why I worry about America.

I recently got a response from an email I sent to my entire contact list that included links to this and this. I wanted to answer this email in my blog because I wanted everyone to hear my answer.  If

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What ObamaCare is Really About?

OK I got this email entitled “FW: What ObamaCare is Really About” the other day and I try hard to screen out the phonies and I try hard to not propagate crap. This email I got from a relative named ‘Roger’

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