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Open Letter to Donald Trump (my solutions for the USA)

I have been listening to all the bantering and bickering that is ‘normally’ associated with any presidential election. It has made me wonder how Donald Trump is so far ahead of the pack. I know why and I think it

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Bill Flax… Writer, Christian, Patriot

I wanted to write about one of my favorite authors, Bill Flax. I have read many of his articles (some are quoted in my blog) and have enjoyed everyone of them.  His writing style is similar to how I like

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The innocence of politics revisited

I have been away from writing about political issues for a long time (my last article was written on 6/14/2014) and I feel the need to write again yet I also feel the need to explain WHY I have not

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10 steps to solve America’s problems

I personally think there are many ways this country COULD get back on track if it really wanted to.  The problem from MOST citizens is apathy.  Look at how many people vote.  The tendency is to vote with passion and

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Why I worry about America.

I recently got a response from an email I sent to my entire contact list that included links to this and this. I wanted to answer this email in my blog because I wanted everyone to hear my answer.  If

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America is a Constitutional Republic . . . NOT a Democracy

I thought this was SUCH a great article I simply had to plagiarize it.  I give all credit and thanks to Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D. as this was stolen from a speech given September 9, 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah:

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An Encounter With President Obama On The Golf Course In Hawaii…

Again this is one of those emails I HAD to re-post.  I recently received an email from a conservative friend and had to blog it here because it is so interesting.  When I heard Robert Gates say “negative” comments about

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True American

I was reading “Liberty and Tyranny” by Mark Levin and found the book fascinating.  What I loved the most was how Mark leads people down a path of facts that show how the “statists” (read: there are liberal AND conservative

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