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Touré for Terror!

OK I recently watch a video that was posted on my Facebook timeline that spark an interest in me to write again. If anyone reads this please tell Touré Neblett to read it because this blog is a response to his

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Ron Johnson statement about his lawsuit

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The Republican sequester… the Republican wars… the Republican blah…

One of the things I hate about politics is the fact that all politicians like to blame the other side BUT rarely ever show the big picture.  This is the thing most Americans hate about politics.  The continual infighting.  I

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Why I worry about America.

I recently got a response from an email I sent to my entire contact list that included links to this and this. I wanted to answer this email in my blog because I wanted everyone to hear my answer.  If

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America is a Constitutional Republic . . . NOT a Democracy

I thought this was SUCH a great article I simply had to plagiarize it.  I give all credit and thanks to Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D. as this was stolen from a speech given September 9, 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah:

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Shrinks take your guns away!

OK that title is only there for shock value but it is only partially true. I got an email from the Gun Owners of America (GOA) and they are tracking the latest development on the gun rights front ( The

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An Encounter With President Obama On The Golf Course In Hawaii…

Again this is one of those emails I HAD to re-post.  I recently received an email from a conservative friend and had to blog it here because it is so interesting.  When I heard Robert Gates say “negative” comments about

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Defined as Republican in name only. I have to say before I go any further on this topic that even though I am a registered Republican I am not a republican, I am a conservative.  I do not like the

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Arrest Hillary Clinton

OK that title is pretty bold but it is what a lot of people are thinking. I recently started listening to the reports of when and what was known by whom related to the Benghazi massacre.  What is interesting is

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What ObamaCare is Really About?

OK I got this email entitled “FW: What ObamaCare is Really About” the other day and I try hard to screen out the phonies and I try hard to not propagate crap. This email I got from a relative named ‘Roger’

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