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The innocence of politics revisited

I have been away from writing about political issues for a long time (my last article was written on 6/14/2014) and I feel the need to write again yet I also feel the need to explain WHY I have not

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Touré for Terror!

OK I recently watch a video that was posted on my Facebook timeline that spark an interest in me to write again. If anyone reads this please tell Touré Neblett to read it because this blog is a response to his

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Job Loss as a Dream Maker…. argh

OK I saw a post on facebook that I had to comment on….. OK well I get that there is a need to follow your dreams… and I also get that some people ‘choose’ to be jobless… but how is

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The Republican sequester… the Republican wars… the Republican blah…

One of the things I hate about politics is the fact that all politicians like to blame the other side BUT rarely ever show the big picture.  This is the thing most Americans hate about politics.  The continual infighting.  I

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Foreign Aid Comparitive Ratio

I have been thinking about the fact that we should cut off foreign aid to any country and has a bad human rights record (for example).  After some thought I realized cutting them off is NOT the right answer.  We

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Why I worry about America.

I recently got a response from an email I sent to my entire contact list that included links to this and this. I wanted to answer this email in my blog because I wanted everyone to hear my answer.  If

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An Encounter With President Obama On The Golf Course In Hawaii…

Again this is one of those emails I HAD to re-post.  I recently received an email from a conservative friend and had to blog it here because it is so interesting.  When I heard Robert Gates say “negative” comments about

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Defined as Republican in name only. I have to say before I go any further on this topic that even though I am a registered Republican I am not a republican, I am a conservative.  I do not like the

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Lower case on purpose…

I have to tell you a story or maybe just some ramblings.  This is just my rambling about how I got to a place and why I allowed myself to disrespect President Bill Clinton. I have been politically active for

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