Email regarding ‘Why I am concerned about America”

From me to relative:

I do not want to get into a back and forth with you because you and I will never agree on anything political. Please do not respond to me if you cannot stop acting like you are better than me because that is how I took your reply. I will continue the banter (if you want) without insult (I am sorry I did that before) but I will not allow you to belittle or demean me (like this response sounded). You can disagree all you want but this is not an English class and you are not my English professor and as such I stand by what I said “The reason I worry about America cannot be summed up into one sentence”. The reason “my opinion” (read not my thesis) cannot be summed up in one sentence is because it is many points, many reasons and many facets. If I was going to do a college paper on it I would not join them all in one paper. It could become too convoluted.

You know a second reason why I dread talking with you on these subjects? Because you want everything to be in a neat little package all gussied up in an English paper. You will pick apart anything I say because fundamentally you will never see the proof right in front of your face.

If you are going to send me critiques of what I send then please just keep them to yourself because in the case of Daneen G. Peterson’s web page… I am sure she did not intend for it to be a graded thesis. I am sure she was simply talking passionately. To brush her off because you do not like her style or writings is simply stupid. I do not agree with all her points but she certainly raises some very strong ones and they cannot be ignored simply because either you do not like her writing style OR you do not agree with it OR because she invokes passion instead of reason in a lot of cases.

If you still want to know why I worry about America I will tell you but I do not want an English critique NOR do I want a “I told you so” as you sum up my points into one sentence because this is about passionate debate NOT an English lesson.

From relative to Me

I disagree. Any and all arguments should be able to be summarized into one sentence.Like:

It’s to my belief that the United States has deviated, ideologically speaking, from the fundamental principals of which it was founded and it’s of my opinion that this deviation in ideology is the cause of X and if not corrected or remedied then it will lead to Y.

Here is a one sentence summary of my wives phd dissertation, which will be a 100+ pages when she is done:

{redacted to protect the author}

Or the paper I am writing for my college newspaper:

{redacted to protect the author}

Does that help?

By the way:

The link you sent was absolutely nuts and that lady is all over the map and her points are poor and she commits fallacies left and right. Her facts are poor and she is drawing conclusions on false premises. I read the whole thing, but she lost me in the first third as I already found huge gaps in her reasoning. Her paper is catered to incite anger in the people that agree with her politics- so if you agree with her then you are going to be driven to be an advocate for her cause. But if you disagree with her or stand neutral she comes off as muddled and disjointed.

From me to relative:

The reason I worry about America cannot be summed up into one sentence.

From relative to Me (original email response):

Riddle me this:

In a very direct, concise single sentence can you tell me why you are concerned about America. Avoid fallacies, hyperbole, rhetoric and hearsay/anecdotal evidence.


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