I believe any good republic requires a set of agreed upon rules to properly operate.  For this website to run properly we also MUST have a set of rules.

Here are my simple rules:

HARASSMENT: Do not harass anyone via postings, feedback or email OR YOU WILL BE BANNED.  By the very nature, political discussions can get heated… and THATS OK, but once you cross the line to personal attacks (that I have fallen prey to before by the way) then that post / feedback / etc will be deleted and your account will be banned.

CITIZENSHIP: Please try and post thoughtful topic matter with opinions of course.  Where ever possible please include references.  Like any college paper you should provide references to make sure your piece is legitimate.  If you simply regurgitate emails you get OR state things without reference I will not touch your article (unless of course it has excessive cussing or insulting words) but you open yourself to bad feedback of course.  I will always try to post legitimate information but of course regurgitating or plagiarizing is something none of us should ever do.

VULGARITY: Never use vulgar or insulting words.

I reserve the right to add more as time goes on…

The Conservative

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